伊丽莎白baugher bangtson


伊丽莎白baugher bangtson '07具有独特的米利的故事作为一个非传统的学生。来自明尼苏达州的移动迪凯特后,贝丝了工作在澳门金沙官网,服务于商务办公和人力资源的大学。在米利几年工作之后,她报名参加了学校的步伐程序,现在被称为灵活的学习,并完成她的学位,而全职工作。

作为一个孩子,贝丝的梦想是在百老汇演出。因为它经常做,生活带领她的一条不同的路线。在组织领导赢得了她的学士学位后,贝丝抱住了她新的事业作为人力资源专业。在2010年,她搬回明尼苏达与她的丈夫比尔'08,和他们的两个女儿。她目前任职PMG INC。作为人力资源经理,她功能为一体的部门,所以她的专长是很大的需求。

Though Beth’s career path took a different turn, her passion for theatre has not waned. When Beth was preparing to move back to Minnesota, fundraising for the Center for Theatre & Dance was just beginning. Beth and Bill both loved watching performances by the School of Theatre & Dance during their time at Millikin, and Beth longed to be able to give back to the University that had given her so much. She wanted to tangibly show her appreciation for employment with ample growth and development opportunities, as well as the educational opportunities enjoyed by both Beth and her husband. 给n her love of theatre, supporting the new Center seemed like a natural fit.

Beth believes the Center for Theatre & Dance is a worthwhile and vital cause: “I promise, after seeing just one performance by the students … anyone would feel exactly how I felt and continue to feel today.”