Knowing that Millikin was in the midst of a large-scale campaign to raise funds for the new Center for Theatre & Dance, Katherine pitched the idea of a variety show to benefit the new facility. Thus, Big Blue Revue was born. Katherine loved the idea of an evening designed to focus on the talents of her Millikin family and the chance to give back to the University that has paved the way for so much student success.

在二月24,2018年,大幕拉开上大学公共蓝色的大歌剧团在澳门金沙官网的澳门金沙官网。该活动展示了目前的学生,教师和校友的人才和特色各种娱乐,包括喜剧,唱歌,跳舞等。凯瑟琳在个人加盟展会作为演员来讲活动得到了积极响应,无论是不堪重负,和捐助者承诺的财政支持,与滑稽剧募集超过$ 25,000。一个朋友的大学,由事件和凯瑟琳的辛勤工作的启发,表演结束后给了一个额外的$ 10,000。

Katherine believes that the Center for Theatre & Dance is a project worthy of support, because it is crucial to the future of the School of Theatre & Dance. “It’s high time these hard-working faculty and students are centrally-located in a facility that matches the high standards of craftsmanship in our training,” she said. “Why not take something that is already great and make it even better by giving back to the next generation of students?”